Thursday, October 18, 2007

Where have I been all this time?

Hello dear friends,

Over two months have passed since my last entry and I'm sure you thought I was boarding up this little window into my life. Well, not so. The truth is, I have been lazy. LAY-ZEEE

Where have I been?

To Paris, where you last saw me. I said goodbye to the blessed French countryside at the end of August to return home to Canadian soil. Ottawa was my first stop for visits with friends and the beginnings of a seemingly endless bout of culture shock. This was followed by a brief stint in Niagara Falls to see a few beloved family members. And then back to Ottawa for the development of a new piece of theatre - what? you may ask - well, we're not quite sure yet but it is on the way to becoming definable. Next up - more family, food, friends and shopping in New York City and New Jersey - a day at the beach on the jersey shore, fantastic food, minor celebrity sightings, a broadway show and a way way way off broadway import (how off broadway? well, how does Brooklyn sound to you?). One more week in Ottawa had me biding time until finally setting off to home-home. And now today I sit in my little cubby in Vancouver, hiding from the rain and writing this briefest of updates for you, dear reader, while I ponder things past and wait and plan for the next adventure. In the meantime, amidst organizing and reorganizing everything that has been packed away for these 13 months, I look for and welcome work related to my chosen profession - I did after all just spend the past year honing my skills - so if you hear of anything, please don't hesitate to think of me.

Until next time...
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