Saturday, July 14, 2007

2 legit 2 quit

So I have been feeling a little low these past few rainy days - maybe it's been the lousy weather, the incessant runny puppy poo, the worn off novelty of having finished school, the missing of my newfound international friends, the days spent with nothing to do but watch the rain, hunt down long lost pals on facebook, watch pirated TV on You Tube and create new Malibu-based cocktails...
Anyhoo, needless to say, amidst my Googling, I researched so many theatre companies that all looked the same, that once again I started to feel hopeless about the future of professional theatre artists in Canada - true, bored, poor and free.
Then yesterday afternoon the sun decided to come out just as I decided to check a rarely visited e-mail account. In my inbox was an unexpected e-mail from the Canada Council for the Arts informing me that I had been selected to receive the JBC Watkins Award for Theatre! Wow!
Now, I don't know if this means that I'm now not eligible for the actual grant that I applied for, but Philippe's champagne was popped nontheless. Celebration was mandatory. How wonderful to feel, perhaps for the first time (and as Nick so aptly pointed out in the middle of his "proud of Cat" speech, lovingly applauded by the dogs), that I have been recognized and supported by the Canadian government as a legit artist. I think a big part of the proudish feeling comes from the fact that this is not an award you can simply apply or be nominated for (I looked into it months ago). No. Based on certain criteria, someone examined my grant application and said "this woman should get this prize," and others agreed. Wow!
The funniest thing is that just the night before, I was looking at the prize online and listing off all the reasons why I wouldn't or couldn't be selected for it.
Sometimes the weather is on your side.
Now, if only that puppy would start pooing on the grass...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

rain rain go away

i am sure you're dreaming of my hot, sunny, holiday in the french countryside. i am dreaming of it too. it seems that the summery weather came and went back in april and now it is cold and miserably rainy. my bikini is unworn but at least my apron is filthy with all of the baking i've had time to do in between taking care of two full grown dogs and training a puppy (a.k.a picking up poo).

so to while away this rainy hour, i bring you a pictoral review of the recent past.
*if you're on facebook at all, then you've probably seen what i've been up to these past few weeks but if not then here are a few highlights.

we had big street party to celebrate the end of school.

it was on rew's street. (you may remember him from an earlier post)

i was scouted and cast as an evil peter pan.

(these are my lost boys)

in order to get the part, i had to switch my gender,

and then convert. oi! (it seems to make it in the business it helps to be male and/or jewish)
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