Sunday, December 30, 2007

Leaning East

Well, I am here in Ottawa for the holidays. After a long-distance autumn, I am in the process of deciding whether or not to move back here or to stay in Vancouver.

Here is the list of Pros for each (it's easy to come up with hundreds of cons for each so I will only focus on the positives for now):

Pro Vancouver:
Amazing friends, some of whom have amazing babies
Bigger, more beautiful city, more people, more to do, better shopping
Healthier air and lifestyle
Larger, more diverse theatre base with a more readily respected, recognizable national reputation
Fewer people trained at Gaulier = more teaching opportunities perhaps???
Closer to my dad

Pro Ottawa:
Equally amazing friends (only fewer of them)
Intimate theatre base in which I am already somewhat established = potential to work and achieve more quickly
Entire HOUSE for what I am paying in Vancouver for a tiny apartment = greater potential for savings/disposable income plus more space
Possibility of getting a dog (a bribe from Nick, but still...)
The Manx
Closer to my mum

Vote here, my friends, for your fave!

1 comment:

t said...

ummm well let me see. if i had to choose between nick and me i would totally pick me, but then i have never slept with nick and i may be more than a little bias.

truthfully though? i think you should do what your heart tells you do to, the rest will fall into place. good friends will always be good friends no matter the distance (although they might complain about missing you from time to time).

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